I've been thinking to use multiple APIs in my ng-admin app. I also have an another authorization API running on the host which provide tokens for other API calls.

I would like to use all above APIs in my ng-admin app. Customizing the API Mapping of the ng-admin documentation describes below code to authorize APIs

myApp.config(['RestangularProvider', function(RestangularProvider) {
var login = 'admin',
    password = '53cr3t',
    token = window.btoa(login + ':' + password);
RestangularProvider.setDefaultHeaders({'Authorization': 'Basic ' + token}); }]);

However, where is the place to specify my authorization api url here? How to config auth API to provide tokens to all other APIs? On the other hand, what I have to do for refresh tokens?


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    I think you should setup Restangular interceptors based on the url. But I recommend that you ask your question with the Restangular tag, because ng-admin does nothing special here. May 18, 2016 at 21:32

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go through the documentation of ng-admin and see how to add custom pages in ng-admin. I have used authorisation api in my code as follows:

if(localStorage.getItem('yourTokenKey') !== null && localStorage.getItem("yourTokenKey") != 'undefined')

    .state('stats', {
        parent: 'main',
        url: '/stats',
        templateUrl: 'templates/inventoryFormTemplate.html'         
    .state('dashboard2', {
        parent: 'main',
        url: '/dashboard'           
    .state('inventoryItem', {
        parent: 'main',
        url: '/inventoryItem'           
    .state('requestInventoryItem', {
        parent: 'main',
        url: '/requestInventoryItem'            
    .state('logout', {          
        url: '/logout',

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