Suppose I have a list of lists in R, for example:

list 1 contains 10 pairs of coordinates (x,y)

list 2 contains 20 pairs of coordinates (x,y)


list 20 contains 10 pairs of coordinates (x,y)

I would like to write an output (.txt) file with those lists. At the end of each list I'd like to add an blank line to separate them.

I already know that

p2 = as.data.frame(do.call(rbind,p)), if p is my list of lists

will change to a data-frame.

Then write.table(p2,file="forest",row.names=FALSE) will print every list but without the spaces. Can someone help me? Does "cat" can be used here, like cat(" ",p)?

Thanks in advance!

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You're definitely on the right track with cat(). Below I create a list of lists (of varying sizes). I then loop through each one to write it to a text file after converting each list to a data.frame class object. After each write.table() call, I use cat() to enter a space ("\n").

This could should run on your end (might get a warning message saying that it is printing column names - don't worry about this...the txt file will still generate) and will output a txt file called test.txt to your working directory (getwd()).


for(i in 1:length(exp_list)){
  write.table(data.frame(exp_list[[i]]),file='test.txt',append=TRUE, row.names=FALSE)
  cat('\n',file='test.txt',append = TRUE)  
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Using the sample data from Arman



exp_list %>%
  lapply(as.data.frame) %>%
  bind_rows(.id = "ID") %>%
  mutate(ID = as.numeric(ID) ) %>%
  write.table(sep = " ", row.names = FALSE)
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    This doesn't actually output a txt file in the working directory and therefore doesn't answer OP's question. Furthermore, when you set the write.table file= parameter to "testfile.txt", it DOES create a txt file, but the data frames are not separated by a blank line. – AOGSTA May 3 '16 at 13:54

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