I have a Dockerfile trying to package and deploy a web app to a container. The code of app fetches from git repository during Docker image building. Here's the Dockerfile snapshot:

RUN git clone --depth=1 git-repository-url $GIT_HOME/
RUN mvn package -Dmaven.test.skip

I want the docker do not cache the step of RUN git clone --depth=1 git-repository-url $GIT_HOME/ so that the on-going updated on the the repository can be reflected on the Docker image building. Is it possible to a achieve that?

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Another workaround:

If you use GitHub (or gitlab or bitbucket too most likely) you can ADD the GitHub API's representation of your repo to a dummy location.

ADD https://api.github.com/repos/$USER/$REPO/git/refs/heads/$BRANCH version.json
RUN git clone -b $BRANCH https://github.com/$USER/$REPO.git $GIT_HOME/

The API call will return different results when the head changes, invalidating the docker cache.

If you're dealing with private repos you can use github's x-oauth-basic authentication scheme with a personal access token like so:

ADD https://$ACCESS_TOKEN:x-oauth-basic@api.github.com/repos/$USER/$REPO/git/refs/heads/$BRANCH version.json

(thx @captnolimar for a suggested edit to clarify authentication)

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    Worked perfect for GitHub. Any example for private GitLab? – Ivan Oct 24 '18 at 12:22
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    Nice solution. Heres how to do it for bitbucket. ADD https://[USER]:[PASS]@api.bitbucket.org/2.0/repositories/[ORG-NAME]/[REPO-NAME]/commit/[BRANCH] /info RUN git clone --depth 1 --branch [BRANCH] https://[USER]:[PASS]@bitbucket.org/[ORG-NAME]/[REPO-NAME].git /repo I recommend creating a specific "Integration" user and using "App passwords" for bitbucket. confluence.atlassian.com/bitbucket/app-passwords-828781300.html Combine this with multi-stage build, and it seems like the perfect solution so far. – McP Apr 24 '19 at 10:35
  • Hi @Ivan look at: stackoverflow.com/a/59685604/2992810 – Wazime Jan 10 at 16:37
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    Do do it in a completely generic provider independent way, here's an option ADD http://worldtimeapi.org/api/ip /time.tmp – Jay Jan 14 at 3:13
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    As in 2020, the github api appears to have changed and the URL https://api.github.com/repos/$USER/$REPO/git/refs/heads/$BRANCH doesn't work anymore, due to api updates? Please suggest the updated URL. – Hemant Arora Jun 19 at 9:57

Issue 1996 is not yet available, but you have the following workaround:

FROM foo
ARG CACHE_DATE=2016-01-01
RUN git clone ...

docker build --build-arg CACHE_DATE=$(date) ....

That would invalidate cache after the ARG CACHE_DATE line for every build.


ADD http://www.convert-unix-time.com/api?timestamp=now /tmp/bustcache
RUN git pull

That would also invalidate cache after this ADD line.

Similar idea:

Add ARG command to your Dockerfile:

# Dockerfile
# add this and below command will run without cache

When you need to rebuild with selected cache, run it with --build-arg option

$ docker build -t your-image --build-arg CACHEBUST=$(date +%s) .

then only layer below ARG command in Dockerfile will rebuild.

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I ran into this same issue myself, and I just decided to use the --no-cache option when I build the image, rather than trying to single out the git repo.

docker build --no-cache -t my_image .
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  • For my simple use case, this was the simplest/easiest of the proposed solutions. Thank you, @tomgsmith99. – James Adams Jul 29 '19 at 17:50

If you use github you can use github API to not cache specific RUN command. You need to have jq installed to parse JSON: apt-get install -y jq


docker build --build-arg SHA=$(curl -s 'https://api.github.com/repos/Tencent/mars/commits' | jq -r '.[0].sha') -t imageName .

In Dockerfile (ARG command should be right before RUN):

    git clone https://github.com/Tencent/mars.git

or if you don't want to install jq

SHA=$(curl -s 'https://api.github.com/repos/Tencent/mars/commits' | grep sha | head -1)

If repository has new commits, git clone will be executed.

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for anyone who has this problem with Gitlab repositories:

Gitlab has this annoying branch id method when calling their API, the ID will appear under your repository name enter image description here

# this will copy the last change from your brach and it'll invalidate the cache if there was a new change
ADD "https://gitlab.com/api/v4/projects/${PROJECT_ID}/repository/branches/master?private_token=${GIT_TOKEN}" /tmp/devalidateCache

# the actual clone
RUN git clone --depth=1 https://${GIT_USER}:${GIT_TOKEN}@gitlab.com/${git_file_uri} ${BASE_BUILD_PATH}
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you can also use:

ADD "https://www.random.org/cgi-bin/randbyte?nbytes=10&format=h" skipcache

RUN git reset --hard ~Whatever~

as mentioned here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/58801213/8953378

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For github private repos, you could also pass in your username and password:

RUN git clone -b$BRANCH https://$USER:$PASSWORD@github.com/$USER/$REPO.git $GIT_HOME/

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    I wouldn't like to pass my user password if I'm letting my admins clone just one repo. – Kangur Feb 26 '18 at 13:12

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