I have been trying to install APC (Alternative PHP Cache). My development environment is windows 7 32-bit, xampp and php 7. I have downloaded dll files of APC and APCu and placed them in xampp/php/ext directory. Then I have added the following lines in php.ini file:

extension : php_apc.dll
extension : php_apcu.dll

After that I restarted the apache. When I look at phpinfo.php, I don't see anything there about APC. Could you tell me someone where I did mistake?


Modify the php.ini configuration file by placing the below code in the file

extension: php_apc.dll

Remove the comma (,) before the extension if exists.

See more here

  • yes I did as you mentioned and there is no comma before this line. – StreetCoder May 3 '16 at 8:57

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