I'm unable to launch my project in three.js v74 and any other newer version. It works just fine with v73, but it seems like newer versions don't support LatheGeometry.

Look at these images and compare


First picture v73

To v76:

Second picture v76

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LatheGeometry and LatheBufferGeometry now take an array of Vector2 as input.

var points = [];
for ( var i = 0; i < 10; i ++ ) {
        points.push( new THREE.Vector2( Math.sin( i * 0.2 ) * 10 + 5, ( i - 5 ) * 2 ) );
var geometry = new THREE.LatheGeometry( points );

The points are defined in the xy-plane, and are rotated around the y-axis to create the shape. The x-coordinate of each point must be greater than zero.

three.js r.76


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