The error that I am getting is: EXCEPTION: ReferenceError: cast is not defined in [null]

Writing a custom Chromecast receiver application requires the use of the following js file that exposes the functionality via a global 'cast' variable:


I want to load this script as a module using systemjs instead of having a script tag in index.html.

This is an Angular2 and TypeScript application so in some service, MyService, I want to be able to import 'cast' and use it.


        packages: {
          app: {
            format: 'register',
            defaultExtension: 'js'
        paths: {
          'cast': '//www.gstatic.com/cast/sdk/libs/receiver/2.0.0/cast_receiver.js'
        meta: {
          '//www.gstatic.com/cast/sdk/libs/receiver/2.0.0/cast_receiver.js': {format: 'global'}

            .then(null, console.error.bind(console));


import {Injectable} from 'angular2/core';
import cast from 'cast';

export class MyService {
  public init = () => {

A sample Angular2 + TypeScript + Chromecast Receiver application can be cloned from:


This code doesn't currently have any code to load 'cast' using systemjs but could be quickly modified by updating index.html and cast-receiver-manager.service.ts

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Try adding

   map: {
     cast-receiver: '//www.gstatic.com/cast/sdk/libs/receiver/2.0.0/cast_receiver.js'

to your system config then declaring the thing you would like to import from the script in your service via,

declare var cast;

this will allow your compiler to recognize the name of the thing you are importing.

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    Your answer got me on the right track. Thank you. I removed the meta section, put cast-receiver in the path section and added "declare var cast" to myService.ts. In addition, also added to myService.ts the line: "import cast from 'cast-receiver';" May 3, 2016 at 23:59

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