Im trying to understand few things. I just want to know whether mfs/multifile(file data is split and kept in different servers) files in abinito can be pushed to aws s3 bucket directly? . As of now we are converting mfs/multifile file to serial and then pushing it to the aws s3 bucket.

I did some research on this and came across an term called multi part upload api in aws. I went through the aws support docs and understood the concept of it. My doubt s whether it can be used to push the multi files to aws s3 bucket?.

Thanks! :-) appreciate your valuable response :-)

  • S3 Multipart upload is just a mechanism to upload/download huge file. You need to write tools that to act as middleman , to take files from mfs and upload to S3. – mootmoot May 4 '16 at 11:20

Disclaimer: I work for Minio.

You can alternatively use Minio client aka mc, its open source and compatible with AWS S3 API. Minio client handles multipart mechanism for you natively. Please check docs for deployment and examples.

Hope it helps.

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