I am trying to solve this for about a week now so I'll be very grateful for any help. I am developing an Eclipse plugin. I need to read the pom.xml file in my code. To do this I need three maven dependencies. The project was created as plugin project and then converted to Maven project using m2eclipse. This is my POM:






Now when I run new Eclipse app to test the plugin. It throws an exception: ava.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/maven/model/io/xpp3/MavenXpp3Reader

Same goes with Apache HttpClient as a Maven dependency. For this I was able to solve it by importing bunch of org.apache.http packages. I also tried this which didnt help. This really bugs me because in all the articles and tutorials is written it should work.(that m2eclipse manages maven dependencies automatically).

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I am not familiar with Maven, but as an Eclipse plug-in (osgi bundle) in order to access the class at run-time you will need to add a dependency to the package or bundle that provides those classes.

This is done in the plugin/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file with an Import-Package or Require-Bundle manifest header. I don't know if maven/tycho does this automatically for you or not.

Also, the plug-in/bundle that provides those classes needs to specify an Export-Package in their manifest.

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