Suppose I have


This is too general for my use case. Anytime we call

$cookieStore.get('someValue') -->  returns 'abc'
$cookieStore.get('anotherValue') -->  returns 'abc'

I want to setup a spyOn so I get different returns based on the argument:

$cookieStore.get('someValue') -->  returns 'someabc'
$cookieStore.get('anotherValue') -->  returns 'anotherabc'

Any suggestions?


You can use callFake:

spyOn($cookieStore,'get').and.callFake(function(arg) {
    if (arg === 'someValue'){
        return 'someabc';
    } else if(arg === 'anotherValue') {
        return 'anotherabc';

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