I am running into this Issue on the server.


When I run my application in my local I am getting the URL as


On the Server:

I added the virtual directory Called (MyDirectory)

   ` ( Expecting should be like this ) but I am getting 404 Error and URL coming as ( I do not see the Virtual directory in the URL)

Using VS 2013 asp.net mvc 4.5 version. ( IIS 7.5 )

  • Is there a question involved ?
    – Orel Eraki
    Commented May 4, 2016 at 19:40

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It could be that your virtual directory needs to be made into an Application instead. In order to do that, open up IIS manager, navigate to your virtual directory, right-click on it, and click 'Convert to Application'. Follow the dialog that follows, according to how you want your application to be set up.

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