Is there a way to retrieve an artifact with the maven timestamp as it was originally uploaded by maven?

from jenkins logs:

Uploading: http://artifactory.foo/artifactory/libs-snapshot-local/com/foo/foo-web-service/1.16.0-SNAPSHOT/foo-web-service-1.16.0-20160504.182015-2.tar.gz

Results from artifactory REST api:

$ curl -X GET 'http://artifactory.foo/artifactory/api/search/gavc?g=com.foo&a=foo-web-service&v=1.16.0-SNAPSHOT&c=*&repos=libs-snapshot-local'
  "results" : [ {
    "uri" : "http://artifactory.foo/artifactory/api/storage/libs-snapshot-local/com/foo/foo-web-service/1.16.0-SNAPSHOT/foo-web-service-1.16.0-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar"
  }, {
    "uri" : "http://artifactory.foo/artifactory/api/storage/libs-snapshot-local/com/foo/foo-web-service/1.16.0-SNAPSHOT/foo-web-service-1.16.0-SNAPSHOT.pom"
  }, {
    "uri" : "http://artifactory.foo/artifactory/api/storage/libs-snapshot-local/com/foo/foo-web-service/1.16.0-SNAPSHOT/foo-web-service-1.16.0-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz"
  }, {
    "uri" : "http://artifactory.foo/artifactory/api/storage/libs-snapshot-local/com/foo/foo-web-service/1.16.0-SNAPSHOT/foo-web-service-1.16.0-SNAPSHOT.war"
  } ]

I'd like to get the the same name as it was uploaded to via a wget or equivalent...

What I want to acheive:

  • jenkins uploads foo-web-service-1.16.0-20160504.182015-2.tar.gz to libs-snapshot-local
  • query REST api to get latest artifact link that includes the timestamps in the name with parameters a=foo-web-service&version=1.16.0&...
  • wget $artifact_link_with_timestamp

What I currently acheive that does not satisfy my need:

  • jenkins uploads foo-web-service-1.16.0-20160504.182015-2.tar.gz to libs-snapshot-local
  • query REST api via gavc search with parameters a=foo-web-service&version=1.16.0&...
  • wget $artifact_link

Conclusion as stated in the accepted answer, the problem was in the artifactory config itself. To achieve what I wanted, I needed the snapshots to be unique.


As long as your repository is configured to use unique snapshots (or to use client snapshot policy and you use Maven 3 and up), you can always use the Maven timestamp as a version. Replacing it with -SNAPSHOT is a "runtime" trick to make the resolution easier.

If your repository is configured to use non-unique snapshots, the files are actually stored with -SNAPSHOT instead of version and override previous snapshots (don't do that).

  • how would I retrieve the timesptamped version of the artifact with an api call, if I don't have the timestamp in hand at the moment of querying the api? – vinni_f May 5 '16 at 14:56
  • Use the Folder Info REST API command. – JBaruch May 5 '16 at 15:03
  • after looking at folder info I don't see how this could help. I am under the impression that my question was not clear enough. I added my expectations/use case in the question. thanks – vinni_f May 5 '16 at 18:03
  • here's a snippet of folder info output: { "folder": false, "uri": "/multi1-2.24-20130116.153800-2.pom" }. As you can see, the timestamp is there. Check the snapshot policy again. – JBaruch May 7 '16 at 20:00
  • 1
    thanks for helping and coming back with answers even if I was not understanding what you ment at first! – vinni_f May 9 '16 at 14:00

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