Does anyone know why IntelliJ is printing all log messages to my console in red coloured text? This make it really hard to distinguish between info and trace messages and the actual error messages that I need to see!

enter image description here

I'm using Tomee and CDI if this is relevant!

Thanks for your assistance,

Edit My setting all look okay within the preferences window:

enter image description here

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I have stacked with the same problem too. For now I'm using Intellij IDEA 2016.1 and there are no such opportunity to color logs the way you want. For me I have solved it by using Grep Console Plugin and recommend it to you.
It's easy to install and use.

Before enter image description here After enter image description here

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  • Thanks, I've been using this plugin for a while now and it's really helpful. – StuPointerException Nov 8 '17 at 11:16
  • This worked for an iOS app with AppCode as well – Eric Schlichting Aug 23 '19 at 14:51

I had exactly same problem. Not sure about your case, but mine was following:

I use SLF4j Simple Logger Facade in my projects (because it is simple, yup). So it turned out that if you don't specify org.slf4j.simpleLogger.logFile property in simplelogger.properties file located in your resources folder (as well as if you don't have that file at all), the logger output defaults to System.err which is red in Idea.

The solution proposed by @pavlo sort of helped, but the base colour was still red.

So I added this line to src/java/main/resources/simplelogger.properties:


and installed Grep Console Plugin. Together they perfectly solve the problem with SLF4j Simple Logger.

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