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I dynamically create buttons like this:

var my_button = document.createElement('button');
my_button.setAttribute('id', "the_id");

I am trying to use Bootstrap tooltips with these buttons but I cannot get it to work.

my_button.setAttribute('data-toggle', 'tooltip');
my_button.setAttribute('data-placement', 'top');
my_button.setAttribute('title', 'this is my text');

In $(document).ready(function() I have


And to try and deal with the fact that the buttons are dynamically created I use:

$('body').tooltip({ selector: '[rel=tooltip]' });

I have sourced all the necessary bootstrap files, and tested the tooltip using text element tag, and that works fine.

When I hover over the button nothing happens.

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  • Did you even bother reading my question? As plainly stated, this was already attempted. – Cybernetic May 6 '16 at 0:04
  • $('body').tooltip({ selector: '[rel=tooltip]' }); // i think this is for bootstrap v2. Try $('body').tooltip({ selector: '[data-toggle="tooltip"]' }); instead. codepen.io/partypete25/pen/RaEEPj – partypete25 May 6 '16 at 0:07

Call this script after you created dom elements :

  • Just had to use jquery to set the attributes first...then adding your line "after" as you said. Thank you! – Cybernetic May 6 '16 at 0:24

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