What would be the best way to check Google rank for a keyword.

I have tried with my own php script but after some queries I get the Captcha page. ):

Is there any way i can make a crawler that doesn't make Google angry and can run about 1000 queries a day?

Can i use a Google Api instead?

Hope somebody can help point me in the right direction


I stumbled upon your unsolved issue once again, going to answer it in full this time
There are a few ways to go, you can run a million queries a day if you do it right.

Option 1) Do it yourself solution
There is an open source Google rank checker
It's PHP code! Parsing, caching, IP rotation is all included.
It uses a service for private IPs but you can switch that out if you have an own source of good IPs.
The code is working well for quite a few thousand keywords per hour, I am using it since years.
It is also maintained from time to time.

Option 2) Use a service
You can still program everything but you don't do the parsing and IP handling on your own.
Scraping.services PHP source code
That's the only service that actually worked for me when I evaluated a few maybe half a year ago. But there are a few others you'll find when Googling.
The difference in this case is that the troubles with captchas are completely gone, the DIY approach is more difficult to handle.
Also you don't have to care about maintenance anymore, I've not experienced a single outage so far (and scraped quite half a billion of urls).
They support Google and Bing only, no Yahoo..

They also have a custom module for tracking keyword ranks, so if that's your goal (to monitor the changes of your website positions) then you can just directly access that module.

Option 3) Use the Google API I have to mention it .. but I do not recommend it.
One reason is that the API is very expensive, it's free for tiny projects and f***** expensive for larger ones.
The second reason is that they do not provide real organic rankings, Google does not really like others to evaluate what they scrape :-) So if you want real rankings from specific locations or languages you'll have to go with 1) or 2).


Yes, scrapping Google can be tricky. We've encountered a similar problem when trying to extract images from Google search results to build a model for a machine learning project. We've ended building our own solution: Serp Api

In order to achieve the best results, we do run a full browser for each request, had proxies everywhere in the world, and we are also able to solve CAPTCHAs in a transparent way. We have also Ruby, Python, and Java integrations. Otherwise, you can just use regular get requests to get our data.

  • Hi Hartator, i also ended up building a serp checker from scratch, and so far it works as i whant it to :) Thanks for your input. How many proxies are u using today.? I think is very exspensive 😞 – user3502250 Jan 25 '18 at 15:27
  • 1
    Yes, it is. Our main cost is CAPTCHA solving though. – Hartator Jan 31 '18 at 22:15

You cannot check Google keyword ran directly through the Google services. You have two ways how you can solve your problem. 1. Create your own scraping solution, but proxies, rotators etc. 2. Use 3-rd party rankings data providers, for example, DataForSEO rank tracker API.

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