I'm working with rails' activeadmin and creating a custom form like so:

<%= semantic_form_for [:admin, Client.find(@wedding_cake.client_id), @wedding_cake] do |f| %>

than I want to add an input for a date like so:

<%= f.input :date, as: :datepicker %>

However, I'm getting "Unable to find input class for datepicker" from rails. I've tried including jquery date picker in my gem file, but that didn't change anything. What am I doing wrong?

I ran into this exact issue and what worked for me was: https://github.com/activeadmin/activeadmin/wiki/Combine-datetime-picker-with-activeadmin#or-do-it-manually


In active_admin, change the column use

:as => datepicker TO :as => :string, :input_html => {:class => "hasDatetimePicker"}

However, I had to prepend the datepicker class, and in my case, change hasDatetimePicker to hasDatePicker

:as => :string, :input_html => {:class => 'datepicker hasDatePicker'}

h/t to Eugen's comment for pointing me in the right direction

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    @Silvertail, accept this guys answer. I've tested it and it's correct. – Brendon Muir Jan 25 at 2:17

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