I am making a poster using Inkscape in SVG format. I have designed the poster in A1 but need to rescale it to A0 format. How can I perform the up-scaling?


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  • Resize page to A0 in the File > Document properties dialog.
  • Select all in all layers in the Edit menu.
  • Transform in the Object menu, select scale tab, and type 141.4 %, i.e. square root of 2 (note that the box apply to each object separately should not be ticked, while the box scale proportionally should).
  • Align in the Object menu, select With page in the dropdown, tick the Treat selection as group box and then click the horizontal and vertical alignments.

If you are doing other resizes (from A4, A3, ... to any other A format), only the scaling changes in what is above. For a difference of 1 unit upwards in the A number, it will be 141.4 %, two units, 200%, three, 282.8%. When downsizing, e.g. A0 to A1, A3 to A4, (or any other one unit downsize), it will be 70.71%; two units, 50%, three units, 35.36%.

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