I am working on an app. In my app there is no error in code but when I try to run my project it gives following errors.

Error:(1, 1) A problem occurred evaluating project ':app'.

Failed to apply plugin [id 'com.android.application']

Could not create plugin of type 'AppPlugin'.

I try this also Gradle is issuing an error "Could not create plugin of type 'AppPlugin'"

and this also Gradle errors in Android Studio

Following is my build.gradle file

apply plugin: 'com.android.application'
apply plugin: 'com.google.gms.google-services'

android {

    compileSdkVersion 23
    buildToolsVersion "21.1.2"

    defaultConfig {
        applicationId "com.praval.healthfreak"
        minSdkVersion 15
        targetSdkVersion 23
        versionCode 1
        versionName "1.0"
    buildTypes {
        release {
            minifyEnabled false
            proguardFiles getDefaultProguardFile('proguard-android.txt'), 'proguard-rules.pro'
dependencies {
    compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
    testCompile 'junit:junit:4.12'

    compile 'com.android.support:appcompat-v7:23.2.1'
    compile 'com.google.android.gms:play-services:8.3.0'
    compile 'de.hdodenhof:circleimageview:1.3.0'
    compile 'com.android.support:design:23.2.1'
    compile files('libs/YouTubeAndroidPlayerApi.jar')

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    Whats your gradle (wrapper) version? Whats your android gradle plugin version? – David Medenjak May 7 '16 at 9:33
  • How I can find gradle version ? @DavidMedenjak – Praval Sharma May 7 '16 at 9:35
  • @PravalSharma Check build.gradle file of Project folder. – Kunu May 7 '16 at 9:40
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    @Kunu I have posted build.gradle file – Praval Sharma May 7 '16 at 9:44
  • @PravalSharma this is gradle file for app module. There's is other gradle file for the whole project, in parent folder. – Marcin Orlowski May 7 '16 at 16:54

Updated May 17, 2019

You need to update to the latest gradle version to solve this issue.

Please make sure you are on the latest Android Studio 3.4 or above

and then update your project level build.gradle by updating this dependency

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.4.0'

It might show a popup asking your permission to update gradle, please update and it will download the latest distribution automatically and the issue will be resolved.

Or else you can

Get Latest Gradle 5.4.1 from here and Add it manually

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    Doesn't work for me. I also have low level exceptions like: IllegalStateException: Cache values are being processed. and at start he telling me: "Sync with Gradle for project 'android-app' failed: MALFORMED" – Archont Mar 24 '17 at 4:00
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    Where do we put the gradle folder that we downloaded and what do we name it? – user2602079 Sep 23 '17 at 1:59
  • Doesn't work for me too, I had to roll-back to gradle plugin 2.3.3 – Paolone Nov 3 '17 at 10:37
  • instead of apply plugin: 'com.android.application' instead add classpath dependency? – Thufir Nov 6 '17 at 3:28

Delete gradle cache files. It can be in path like C:\Users\username\.gradle\caches for windows users. For Unix like sys it will be ~\.gradle\caches


Solved it by setting gradle version 3.2.1

buildscript {
dependencies {
    classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.2.1'

In Project level Gradle

  • It´s now version "3.5.2" – kaya Nov 21 '19 at 22:31

you just need to change your project.gradle file. And sync your Gradle.

dependencies {
 classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:2.2.2'
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    what do you mean by "sync your gradle"? latest version? – Thufir Nov 6 '17 at 3:29
  • Simply it means 'Sync up all your 'gradle dependencies' to your project. – umi Nov 7 '17 at 6:10

Open the project on Android Studio and let it solve the problems for you

It immediately shows at the left bottom:

enter image description here

Then click that link, and it will fix the right files for you.

This ended up fixing the Gradle version as mentioned at: https://stackoverflow.com/a/37091489/895245 but it also fixed further errors, so it is the easiest thing to do.

Tested on https://github.com/googlesamples/android-vulkan-tutorials/tree/7ba478ac2e0d9006c9e2e261446003a4449b8aa3/tutorial05_triangle , Android Studio 2.3, Ubuntu 14.04.


As in Accepted post, the problem solved with updating gradle to 4.4.1.

  1. Get Latest Gradle 4.4.1 from here
  2. Extract and put it in "C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\gradle"
  3. Then from android studio go to "File -> Settings -> Build, Excecution, Deployment -> Gradle", from Project-level settings: Select Use local gradle Distribution and give the above
    address(folder with name "gradle-4.4.1" in "C:\Program Files\ ...")
  4. Then make project.

enter image description here

My Problem solved this way.


In my case, if your version of build tools in the build.gradle file in the root folder like :

classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.x.x' <--- version of tools

is not supported by the Gradle installed in your project, you can check the build tools/plugin supported versions here, and make sure that the version installed in your project is supported by that version of Gradle.

You don't need to upgrade Gradle, you just check if it supports the plugin installed in your project or not.


delete C:\Users\username\caches folder.


I faced the same issue in Android Studio version 3.5.3. This is how i fixed it.

I updated the dependecy com.android.tools.build:gradle in my project level build.gradle file from a lower version to 3.5.3 as below.

classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.5.3'

I then went ahead and edited the value of distributionUrl in gradle-wrapper.properties file as below. This file is in the directory /gradle/wrapper/ from the root of your project folder.


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