I'm having a strange problem with PhantomJS and capturing a screenshot when the code is called from inside my rails controller AND it's opening a page from the same application - ie. localhost:3000/my/page. Outside of the rails controller (rails console or directly from terminal, it works fine). External URLs such as google.com, amazon.com work fine too.

What I can see:

phantomjs stops after page.onLoadStarted and never goes beyond that.

What I've tried:

Different servers: Webrick, Puma and Unicorn and all have the same problem.

Different IPs: I've changed the url inside the script.js file to load localhost, an internal IP and an external IP that connects to rails app. They all fail.


var page = require('webpage').create();
page.onLoadFinished = function() {

I don't think the problem is with script.js because if I run phantomjs script.js in terminal, it works.

Is it not possible to get a screenshot from the same server that is initializing phantomjs, even if it's a different page/controller?

  • Perhaps it's a same origin issue? – Anthony E May 7 '16 at 22:35

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