I am looking out for Java open source API which ease CSV reading/writing and it's value calculation. I am having 3 CSV files, which I need raw read and make calculation and write into final CSV file.


uniVocity-parsers has a great API that helps you process all sorts of CSV inputs.

Here's an example to read a given set of columns in a file:

CsvParserSettings settings = new CsvParserSettings(); //many options here, check the tutorial
parserSettings.selectFields("Foo", "Price", "Blah"); //get only those fields you are interested in
CsvParser parser = new CsvParser(settings);
List<Record> allRecords = parser.parseAllRecords(new File("/path/to/file.csv"));

double sumOfPrices = 0.0;
for (Record record : allRecords) {
    //Here we read the "price" column, using the "0,00" format mask, and decimal separator set to comma.
    Double price = record.getDouble("price", "0,00", "decimalSeparator=,");

    if (price != null) {
        sumOfPrices += price;

Disclosure: I am the author of this library. It's open-source and free (Apache V2.0 license).

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