I have an activity which will loads images one by one in same imageview using fadein fadeout animations. In order to provide a good user experience i want to pre fetch the images asynchronously and show them with a constant flow. I want to use glide for achieving the above said behaviour. But i am confused because there are two different approaches I found on internet to pre fetch (Cache) images. First is using Glide's .preload() method:


Second is using Glide's .downloadOnly(int , int) method:

.downloadOnly(500, 500);

I have two questions:

  1. What is difference between preload and downloadOnly and which one best suites my situation?
  2. How to know that all of my images have been pre fetched and i can continue the process of showing images using one of the above (Best one) approaches?

See the Glide Documentation here :

Glide Documentation

Search for class "DrawableTypeRequest" which has both these methods preload() and downloadOnly().

As the documentation says :


Preloads the resource into the cache using Target.SIZE_ORIGINAL as the > target width and height. Equivalent to calling preload(int, int) with > > Target.SIZE_ORIGINAL as the width and height.

downloadOnly(int width, int height)

Loads the original unmodified data into the cache and returns a Future > that can be used to retrieve the cache File containing the data.

I would suggest preload() would be fine for you.

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