How to alias command in Git Bash for Windows downloaded from git-scm.com ?

I mean Bash commands not Git.



Writing aliases in .bashrc file (as suggested by @gturri) not adding it in console.(after system reboot)(I have never wrote alias for ls command so it should be some default alias.)


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    ls is not a default alias, it's a command. ls.exe is in /usr/bin which is to say C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin\ls.exe. You can run it from a cmd or PowerShell commandline. – Chris F Carroll Oct 21 '17 at 14:46

To configure bash aliases, it's the same as if you were on a Unix platform: put them in a .bashrc in your home:

echo alias ll=\'ls -l\' >> .bashrc

To have this change taken into account you should then either source this file (ie: run source .bashrc) or restart your terminal

(In some cases* you can find equivalent for .bashrc file in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\GitHub\PortableGit_\etc\profile.d\aliases.sh. And you should add aliases in aliases.sh.)

(*this case is when you install Git for Windows GUI release from https://git-scm.com/download/win that contains GitBash)

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    yesterday I accepted this answer as it seemed working. I wrote your example line alias ll=\'ls -l\' and ll command worked. Then today added more aliases and it's not. (so I undo accept the answer). update in my main post. Looks like aliases ll and ls are default (I have never wrote alias for ls command - I think so) – Sruj_2ndAccountForStupidQtions May 9 '16 at 8:44
  • weird: I tested in on a Windows 7 and it works fine (I tested with echo alias toto=\'ls -l\' >> .bashrc to avoid interactions with default aliases). Can you check that the line is indeed in your .bashrc? (also, remember that it should be tested with a new window, since the .bashrc is sourced when the shell is launched – gturri May 9 '16 at 9:54
  • Does Your etc directory existed by default or did you created it manually? I dont remember but it seems i created this directory manually yesterday (in my windows user account) as in other windows (admin) account, where I also have git bash, etc directory not exist. (Again, I downloaded and installed git bash from official git site.) – Sruj_2ndAccountForStupidQtions May 9 '16 at 11:21
  • I never paid attention to this /etc directory. It seems to actually match C:\Users\<user.name>\AppData\Local\Programs\Git\etc. I didn't created it, so it must have been created automatically – gturri May 9 '16 at 11:35
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    As of Git Bash 2.13 / Windows 10 the directory was located at `C:\Users\csmith\AppData\Local\Programs\Git\etc` – QueueHammer May 18 '17 at 12:51

I had the same problem, I can't figured out how to find the aliases used by Git Bash on Windows. After searching for a while, I found the aliases.sh file under C:\Program Files\Git\etc\profile.d\aliases.sh.

This is the path under windows 7, maybe can be different in other installation.

Just open it with your preferred editor in admin mode. After save it, reload your command prompt.

I hope this can help!

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    I have 2 computers running Windows 10. In one, the first solution worked, in the other, only your solution worked! Thanks, @Maurizio! – matthiku Sep 12 '17 at 10:26
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    This aliases.sh file is overwritten when you install a new git version. I recommend to rather create a .bashrc in your "home" directory (I mean C:\users\<yourname>) – tobi42 Nov 30 '17 at 8:52
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    I use echo "source ~/.bashrc" >> /etc/profile.d/aliases.sh - then I keep my aliases in my home folder and after a git update I just restore the pointer in etc to use my aliases also – rafalmag Aug 1 '18 at 9:11
  • Be careful to secure this file somewhere. I lost mine due to an update of Git. – fose Oct 23 '20 at 13:13

Follow below steps:

  1. Open the file .bashrc which is found in location C:\Users\USERNAME\.bashrc

    If file .bashrc not exist then create it using below steps:

    1. Open Command Prompt and goto C:\Users\USERNAME\.
    2. Type command notepad ~/.bashrc
      It generates the .bashrc file.
  2. Add below sample commands of WP CLI, Git, Grunt & PHPCS etc.

# ----------------------
# Git Command Aliases
# ----------------------
alias ga='git add'
alias gaa='git add .'
alias gaaa='git add --all'

# ----------------------
# ----------------------
alias wpthl='wp theme list'
alias wppll='wp plugin list'

Now you can use the commands:

  • ga instead of git add .
  • wpthl instead of wp theme list

Eg. I have used wpthl for the WP CLI command wp theme list.

Yum@M MINGW64 /c/xampp/htdocs/dev.test
$ wpthl
| name                   | status   | update    | version  |
| twentyeleven           | inactive | none      | 2.8      |
| twentyfifteen          | inactive | none      | 2.0      |
| twentyfourteen         | inactive | none      | 2.2      |
| twentyseventeen        | inactive | available | 1.6      |
| twentysixteen          | inactive | none      | 1.5      |
| twentyten              | inactive | none      | 2.5      |
| twentythirteen         | inactive | none      | 2.4      |
| twentytwelve           | inactive | none      | 2.5      |

For more details read the article Keyboard shortcut/aliases for the WP CLI, Git, Grunt & PHPCS commands for windows

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    Note that if .bashrc doesn't already exist, you can create it. (Windows 10) – jeff Oct 25 '18 at 3:32
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    Right, @jeff. I'm updating the answer. – maheshwaghmare Oct 25 '18 at 3:59
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    don't forget to run source ~/.bashrc – ema Aug 19 '19 at 7:26
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    @ema how can I run source in windows it returns CommandNotFoundException – horoyoi o Sep 16 '20 at 6:47

You can add it manually in the .gitconfig file

    cm = "commit -m"

Or using the script:

git config --global alias.cm "commit -m"

Here is a screenshot of the .gitconfig

enter image description here

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There is two easy way to set the alias.

  1. Using Bash
  2. Updating .gitconfig file

Using Bash

Open bash terminal and type git command. For instance:

$ git config --global alias.a add
$ git config --global alias.aa 'add .'
$ git config --global alias.cm 'commit -m'
$ git config --global alias.s status

It will eventually add those aliases on .gitconfig file.

Updating .gitconfig file

Open .gitconfig file located at 'C:\Users\username\.gitconfig' in Windows environment. Then add following lines:

a = add  
aa = add . 
cm = commit -m 
gau = add --update 
au = add --update
b = branch
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    The second one is the best answer. It does not require to generate a new .bashrc file under the home, that under windows seems at least a bit strange, and uses a standard .gitconfig instead. Thank you! – Andrea Mar 16 '20 at 11:04
  • for me it wasn't in c:/users/myusername/... which is not my home. However, it was in $HOME/.gitconfig – Juh_ Sep 15 '20 at 13:26

To Add a Temporary Alias:

  1. Goto Terminal (I'm using git bash for windows).
  2. Type $ alias gpuom='git push origin master'
  3. To See a List of All the aliases type $ alias hit Enter.

To Add a Permanent Alias:

  1. Goto Terminal (I'm using git bash for windows).
  2. Type $ vim ~/.bashrc and hit Enter (I'm guessing you are familiar with vim).
  3. Add your new aliases (For reference look at the snippet below).
    #My custom aliases  
    alias gpuom='git push origin master' 
    alias gplom='git pull origin master'
  4. Save and Exit (Press Esc then type :wq).
  5. To See a List of All the aliases type $ alias hit Enter.
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  • Go to: C:\Users\ [youruserdirectory] \bash_profile

  • In your bash_profile file type - alias desk='cd " [DIRECTORY LOCATION] "'

  • Refresh your User directory where the bash_profile file exists then reopen your CMD or Git Bash window

Type in desk to see if you get to the Desktop location or the location you want in the "DIRECTORY LOCATION" area above

Note: [ desk ] can be what ever name that you choose and should get you to the location you want to get to when typed in the CMD window.

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1/ Go to C:\Program Files\Git\etc\profile.d

2/ Open as aliases.sh with your text editor as Administrator.

3/ Add your new aliases and save enter image description here

4/ Restart git bash

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Using Windows and MINGW64 GitBash (mintty 3.2.0), I found the file under:


Just added the alias there and it worked for me.

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