I created an Xcode project with the "Cocoa Framework" template. When I archive it, it isn't visible in the Organizer.

Where are the archives stored?

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Instead of setting custom locations or messing with Xcode's preferences, you could just include a Copy Files Build Phase that should add the archived Framework properly into Organizer.

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Using an Absolute Path with the variable$(BUILD_DIR)seems to work fine. You should then find any archives in XCode's Organizer or in:



From Apple ( to view or change archive location ):

  • Choose Xcode > Preferences, and click Locations.

  • Choose Custom from the Archives pop-up menu.

  • Click the folder icon in the text field, and choose a location.

When you go on Xcode Preference :

Archive location : /Users/YourName/Library/Developer/Xcode/Archives

  • Is that setting global for every project? If it is then you might add that to your answer... anyway, +1 for emphasis on documentation even though it might not be the best solution.
    – l'L'l
    May 8, 2016 at 22:30

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