How to sleep / wait for one second?

Best I could find was something like this (in iex):

IO.puts "foo" ; :timer.sleep(1); IO.puts "bar"

But both of my puts happen with no delay.

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    Also in Elixir 1.3 you can use Process.sleep instead of calling erlang. – ssbb May 9 '16 at 9:23

Timer uses milliseconds not seconds, update to:

IO.puts "foo" ; :timer.sleep(1000); IO.puts "bar"

Documentation of :timer in Erlang's doc:

Suspends the process calling this function for Time amount of milliseconds and then returns ok, or suspend the process forever if Time is the atom infinity. Naturally, this function does not return immediately.


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    There are useful helpers in the timer module to specify time intervals. For example: :timer.sleep(:timer.seconds(1)) – Paweł Obrok May 9 '16 at 8:17

Since Elixir 1.3 you can use Process.sleep/1:


The argument is in milliseconds.

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