Is it posible sort results in OR query.


So query will be q=skills:java OR php OR scala Is it posible to sort results like if all skills(java,php,mongodb,scala) match then show on top.(top to bottom) and single skill matching at bottom.

  • Generally, the default sort (that is, by score) will do that. – femtoRgon May 9 '16 at 15:05

Please note that correct syntax should be:

q=skills:(java OR php OR scala)

Anyway, it's not clear what kind of sort you're looking for. As @femtoRgon states, given that the default sort is by score, more relevant results comes first.

If you want understand why a document appears first you can enable debug and explain. Add debugQuery=true&indent=true&debug.explain.structured=true to your search url and examine the results.

There is also an useful Google Chrome extension to see Solr Query explain and debug in a clear manner.

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