I've got a Windows Universal app that I want to package and deploy to Windows IOT Core running on a Raspberry Pi2. I can get the code to deploy from Visual Studio, but i want to hand off the app to someone else and have them install without I was expecting a way to deploy via the web interface since there is a place to upload an appx file, but i can't figure out any way to get that built up. Is it possible w/o Visual Studio? Thanks, Nick

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Step 1: Build
Create an app package from Visual Studio:

  1. Right click your project
  2. Choose Store...Create App Packages
  3. Choose "No" for creating package to upload to Windows Store Create Your Packages
  4. On the next step, select "Never" for "Generate app bundle" and make sure "ARM" is checked. Select and Configure Packages
  5. Click Create. The Raspberry Pi compatible build will be in ".\AppPackages\XX_ARM_XX" folder. Package folder

Step 2: Install
Install the app on the Raspberry Pi:

  1. Open the "Windows Device Portal" website
  2. Choose "Apps" from the side menu
  3. Upload the *.appx and *.cer files from the build folder

You can learn more here:
Packaging UWP apps
Windows Device Portal (scroll down to Apps section)


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