On attempt to put CachingClientConnectionFactory inside a FailoverClientConnectionFactory I'm facing response correlation issues:

2016-05-10 08:06:09.190 ERROR 1031 --- [pool-2-thread-1] o.s.i.ip.tcp.TcpOutboundGateway          : Cannot correlate response - no pending reply for 24b4ad67-3bbf-4468-9cd9-e7c1124413b2:1
2016-05-10 08:06:09.694 ERROR 1031 --- [           main] o.s.i.ip.tcp.TcpOutboundGateway          : Tcp Gateway exception

The same happens for FailoverClientConnectionFactory with setSingleUse(true).

I'm using spring-boot-starter-parent:1.3.4.RELEASE and creating the factories like this (a full Spring Boot example is at https://github.com/kjrz/failover-caching):

@Scope(value = "prototype")
public AbstractClientConnectionFactory clientConnectionFactory() {
    // return getCachingFactory(true); // (1)
    // return getFailoverFactory(false); // (2)
    // return getFailoverFactory(true); // (3)
    return getFailoverCachingFactory(true); // (4)

private AbstractClientConnectionFactory getCachingFactory(final boolean singleUse) {
    final TcpNetClientConnectionFactory tcpFactory = getTcpFactory(singleUse);
    return getCachingFactory(tcpFactory);

private AbstractClientConnectionFactory getFailoverFactory(final boolean singleUse) {
    final TcpNetClientConnectionFactory tcpFactory = getTcpFactory(singleUse);
    return getFailoverFactory(tcpFactory, singleUse);

private AbstractClientConnectionFactory getFailoverCachingFactory(final boolean singleUse) {
    final TcpNetClientConnectionFactory tcpFactory = getTcpFactory(singleUse);
    final CachingClientConnectionFactory cachingFactory = getCachingFactory(tcpFactory);
    return getFailoverFactory(cachingFactory, singleUse);

private TcpNetClientConnectionFactory getTcpFactory(final boolean singleUse) {
    final TcpNetClientConnectionFactory tcpFactory = new TcpNetClientConnectionFactory("localhost", 12345);

    final ByteArrayLengthHeaderSerializer serializer = new ByteArrayLengthHeaderSerializer();


    return tcpFactory;

private CachingClientConnectionFactory getCachingFactory(final AbstractClientConnectionFactory factory) {
    final CachingClientConnectionFactory cachingFactory = new CachingClientConnectionFactory(factory, 5);
    return cachingFactory;

private FailoverClientConnectionFactory getFailoverFactory(final AbstractClientConnectionFactory factory,
                                                           final boolean singleUse) {
    final FailoverClientConnectionFactory failoverFactory =
            new FailoverClientConnectionFactory(Collections.singletonList(factory));


    return failoverFactory;

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Interesting - I see what the problem is, while we have tests for Failover over Cached, they are not in the context of a gateway.

I will open a JIRA issue to resolve this.

In general, though, it's better to wire them the other way around (Caching over Failover).

This works:

private AbstractClientConnectionFactory getCachingFailoverFactory(final boolean singleUse) {
    final TcpNetClientConnectionFactory tcpFactory = getTcpFactory(singleUse);
    FailoverClientConnectionFactory failoverFactory = getFailoverFactory(tcpFactory, singleUse);
    return getCachingFactory(tcpFactory);

I would also recommend that you make the underlying factories (TCP, FailOver) @Beans as well - that way they will be wired up properly for event publishing and other bean initialization stuff.

JIRA Issue with link to pull request.

  • Cheers Gary, it worked. As for the Bean factories, I'm reading addresses from a DB and then providing them to TCP factories, which in turn form a list provided to Failover factories. In this case I figured the best I can do is tcpNetClientConnectionFactory.setApplicationEventPublisher(applicationContext). The Caching and the Failover are now Beans though.
    – kjrz
    May 13, 2016 at 12:42
  • Thanks for the update - the original problem is now fixed in 4.2.6 May 13, 2016 at 12:56

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