Convert SVG file to EPS with Pantone colors and CMYK profile ?

Currently i use inkscape to convert but event with icc-color in fill attribute it do not store color as Pantone and sets color profile to RGB when desired profile is CMYK.

Any suggestions ?. Solution must work on unix from command line.

  • Maybe creating ` not correct ` EPS and using GS to modify color profile and color names ?, Did anyone try this approach ? – Ajsti.pl - Maciej Szewczyk Jun 1 '16 at 8:12

The biggest problem with open source and CMYK is that Adobe holds a patent, but you already found about that, i believe. Thanks to the standardised ways that ICC profiles are made some open source software includes rudimentary CMYK. One good example of patent problems is that after so many years GIMP has inherent no CMYK support (it only supports it through a plugin).

Pantone is a lot worse, even wikipedia has a section about how pantone is strict and vague about its intellectual property. Inkscape does not support Pantone in any way, doing so would be too dangerous. Your best bet might be to add a couple of /Name parameters to the objects in EPS and then add Pantone to them later (with a lousy script).

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