I have an index.php page and I'm using

<?php include("default.php"); ?>

to get contents from default.php. Now i want that if someone directly opens default.php it becomes unaccessable or redirect it back to index.php page. How can i do it ?

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  • you can do it in .htaccess – Ranjit Shinde May 10 '16 at 13:18
  • Have you done any research into this? – GordonM May 10 '16 at 13:18
  • The way wordpress does it is by using constants. In your index file use define('IN_APP', true) and in your sub files use if (!defined('IN_APP')) die();. The annoying thing doing this and not just removing the files from public view is that you have to do this in every file you don't want accessed. – h2ooooooo May 10 '16 at 13:19
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@NiettheDarkAbsol's answer is the best one, but sometimes putting files outside of the public_html directory isn't an option. In this case you can add a check at the top of each file to make sure that it's opened by a valid file, not accessed directly. I do this by setting a constant at the top of files that can be accessed using define('IN_SITE', true, true); and then add the following to all pages not allowed to be accessed directly:

if ( ! defined('IN_SITE') )
    die('No direct access allowed!');

If you don't want something accessed by the user, don't put it in public_html. The hint is in the name, it's public.

Instead, save such files outside the document root. You might, for example, have:

- /public_html
|  - index.php
- /files
   - default.php

From here, index.php can call:


But no user will ever be able to directly access default.php.

Add above code in file which file you will include in other file. this code in default.php

if(!defined('MyConst')) {
   die('Direct access not permitted');

And below code in file in which above file your including this code in index.php file

define('MyConst', TRUE);

And other way you can achieve with the help of .htaccess add your all file in folder name include and in .htaccess

Deny from all

i hope this will helps you

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