The question is how to write a nodejs (commonJS) module in Typescript? I have a node.js module like this :

var testController = require("/controllers/test").
app.get('/testTS', testController.getUsers); 

In test.js file, I have

exports.getUsers = function(req,res) {}.

If I have to convert my test.js file to Typescript, how would I proceed? I am compiling with commonjs module. Here is the file I tried :

 module user {
     export class getUsers {
          constructor(req:any, res:any) {}
    module.exports = user;

If I convert this file to JS, there are no callbacks of type

exports.getUsers = function(req,res);

If I say like

 var testController = require("/controllers/test").
testController.getUsers() => this works. but I cannot specify this in 
app.get('testTS', testController.getUsers());

Can someone help me to write the callbacks like this in Typescript?



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