hi friends Is there way to check wordpress logs? Like what actions admin has performed etc? Actually I am working on a project and someone has deleted my pages templates to trash and my site was down. I want to check who did this in my wordpress admin panel?

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I don't think Wordpress has an event log, at least I've never heard of one or seen one. There is a login logger plugin, but it has to be installed and doesn't work retroactively.

In theory, it should be possible to get at least the IP address of the perpetrator from the normal Apache access logs, and searching it for all recent accesses to the /wp-admin folder. That is pretty cumbersome work, though.


You can use a plugin for this: try Stream or its competitors.


You may try this Activity Log Plugin.

If you have tens of users or more, you really can’t know who did what. This plugin tries to solve this issue by tracking what users do, and displaying it in an easy to use and easy to filter view on the dashboard of your WordPress site.


You can try User Activity Log - WordPress Plugin. It helps you monitor and keep track of all the activities occurs on the admin side. It will give information about log of all user activity and admin get notified when a particular user is logged in.


The following is not about action logs, but error logs, but it is also helpful. If that happened and you have WooCommerce installed, you will have access to logs:

Admin panel->WooCommerce->Status-> a tab: [Logs]

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