I want to use another method from another Controller in an Angularjs Module. I have two Controller one named: Booklist Controller in bookApp Module. and another one named ShowEachBook. In Booklist Controller I create ViewItem() method which can be accessible from View_A_book() method in ShowEachBook Controller.

Here is my Controller in BookApp module

var bookApp = angular.module('bookApp', []);

bookApp.controller('bookListCtr', function ($scope, $http) {

    $scope.ViewItems = function ($id) {
        $this->View_A_book($id);// This is example because I want to used View_A_book() method here

And here is the ShowEachBook Controller

bookApp.controller('ShowEachBook', function ($scope, $http) {

  $scope.View_A_book = function($id){
       /// get book from server.
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    Your question is a bit hard to grasp. Part of it is due to language I think (if possible, try to review your first paragraph), and part of it is because I don't see how your code can be used to create an minimal reproducible example. Could you check that link and try to both cut some (superfluous) and add some (needed) code? – Jeroen May 11 '16 at 5:17
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    View_A_Book method should be created in a service (instead of another controller) and use that service in your controller. – Shailendra Singh Deol May 11 '16 at 5:40
  • can you show me some – Heng Sopheak May 11 '16 at 5:42
  • Use events to communicate between each other, or in this case maybe use services! – Bettimms May 11 '16 at 5:49
  • You must be looking for "broadcast" – Somnath Kharat May 11 '16 at 6:07

Create a factory. You only have to define it once, and it can be injected and called from any controller. See this article.


Make a factory ViewBook, and add your function to it: Your factory:

    .factory('ViewBook', function () {
        return {
            view_a_book: function(id) {
                //do whatever you want to.
                return something 

Your controller:

var bookApp = angular.module('bookApp', []);

bookApp.controller('bookListCtr', function ($scope, $http, ViewBook) {

    $scope.ViewItems = function ($id) {

You add a reference to the factory with $scope and $http, and use that to call it. This can be repeated for any controllers you have.


You can write all the methods or functions which is common to your project as a Service. In angular js we can create 2 types of Services

  1. Factory
  2. Service

In your problem you just write the function 'View_A_Book' as a service and just inject this service to the controller which you want to use the function.

Please refer the below link to get the idea about Service and Factory



To share info betwen controllers use a Service. But for your use case I sugess use ui-router with two states: list and list.detail each of them with specific controller. On url of detail map the id of the single item list/book/[id] and resolve ittrought a API request or list array from parent state.

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