I looked at the Rust docs for String but I can't find a way to extract a substring.

Is there a method like JavaScript's substr in Rust? If not, how would you implement it?

str.substr(start[, length])

The closest is probably slice_unchecked but it uses byte offsets instead of character indexes and is marked unsafe.

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For characters, you can use s.chars().skip(pos).take(len):

fn main() {
    let s = "Hello, world!";
    let ss: String = s.chars().skip(7).take(5).collect();
    println!("{}", ss);

Beware of the definition of Unicode characters though.

For bytes, you can use the slice syntax:

fn main() {
    let s = "Hello, world!";
    let ss = &s[7..12];
    println!("{}", ss);

You can use the as_str method on the Chars iterator to get back a &str slice after you have stepped on the iterator. So to skip the first start chars, you can call

let s = "Some text to slice into";
let mut iter = s.chars();
iter.by_ref().nth(start); // eat up start values
let slice = iter.as_str(); // get back a slice of the rest of the iterator

Now if you also want to limit the length, you first need to figure out the byte-position of the length character:

let end_pos = slice.char_indices().nth(length).map(|(n, _)| n).unwrap_or(0);
let substr = &slice[..end_pos];

This might feel a little roundabout, but Rust is not hiding anything from you that might take up CPU cycles. That said, I wonder why there's no crate yet that offers a substr method.

  • "not hiding anything from you that might take up CPU cycles" - can you explain why substr might be more expensive than any of the trim functions it has? – laktak May 11 '16 at 14:25
  • 1
    Well... the trim functions are expected to get rid of all whitespace they encounter. This is a O(n) operation by definition. But using a substr method the user might assume that it is O(1), because they are entering indices. – oli_obk May 11 '16 at 14:32

For my_string.substring(start, len)-like syntax, you can write a custom trait:

trait StringUtils {
    fn substring(&self, start: usize, len: usize) -> Self;

impl StringUtils for String {
    fn substring(&self, start: usize, len: usize) -> Self {

// Usage:
fn main() {
    let phrase: String = "this is a string".to_string();
    println!("{}", phrase.substring(5, 8)); // prints "is a str"

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