My CodenameOne app works perfectly when using the android.googleAdUnitId or ios.googleAdUnitId build hints in order to show the Admob Ads banner at the bottom. However, I would like to give some coins/diamonds as rewards when users click on the bottom Ads banner. How can I do this? Is it possible for the main class to handle this by implementing the AdsListener interface like the https://github.com/chen-fishbein/admobfullscreen-codenameone supports (or at least the main class should implement a special interface which has the onAdLeftApplication() function only?)

Shai, Chen, anyone, do you have any advice?


There is no way to adjust the banner behavior, if you want to reward the user use full screen ads, there are quite a few full screen ads providers with a CodenameOne integration see these: https://github.com/chen-fishbein/flurry-codenameone , https://github.com/chen-fishbein/startapp-codenameone , https://github.com/amiga/aerserv-codenameone


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