I need to run few background threads which must be managable in a way that I can safely stop it anytime. Threads should do some repetable task.

I read documentation and the best way which I can find is to subclass QThread and reimplement run() method:

class BackgroundThread: public QThread

   virtual void run() Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
       while (true)
          // do some routine task
          // sleep ...

I like this because I can run code in separate thread and I don't need to do unconvient Qt magic with moveToThread and connecting up to 10 signals/slots to properly manage thread resources.

The problem is that I can't find a way to safely stop the thread. I don't want to terminate it in a random place of execution, I would want it to stop when next iteration ends. The only way to achive it which I see now is to add some atomic flag to thread class and set it from main thread when I need to stop it, but I really don't like this solution.

What is the best way to implement managable background thread using Qt5?

  • You could try setTimer(0) instead of the loop – user1887915 May 11 '16 at 17:18

You don't need any magic and "10 signals/slots". Just create your worker:

class Worker: public QObject
public slots:
    void routineTask();

Somewhere in your code:

QThread bckgThread;
Worker worker;

Connect some signal to the routineTask slot to call it or use QMetaObject::invokeMethod. And when you are done with the thread, just call:


That's pretty simple pattern. Why go the hard way and subclass QThread?

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