Can I use the 'gcloud docker' client on coreos? I want to do pull a container, but when I do

gcloud docker pull

I get

WARNING: 'docker' was not discovered on the path. Credentials have been stored, but are not guaranteed to work with the 1.11 Docker client ifan external credential store is configured.

Can I install a full-fledged gcloud client? And where is gcloud anyway? I can run it, but which gcloud comes back empty handed.


You have to use this command:

$ docker login -e 1234@5678.com -u _token -p "$(gcloud auth print-access-token)" https://gcr.io

You can also change the https://gcr.io to e.g.: https://us.gcr.io if your image is stored somewhere else.

If this not works, try the JSON Keyfile Method it is more reliable.

docker login -e 1234@5678.com -u _json_key -p "$(cat keyfile.json)" https://gcr.io

It is also documented here:


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