To kill/close app I tried driver.close(), driver.closeApp(), driver.quit() but the app keeps running on the background. Should one of these commands really close the application? If so, the how? If not - could someone offer an alternative solution?

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None of the method that you are calling removes the app from background while using appium. This is what they refer to :

((AppiumDriver)driver).closeApp(); // Close the app which was provided in the capabilities at session creation   

((AppiumDriver)driver).close(); // from *RemoteWebDriver.java*, used to close the current browser page  

((AppiumDriver)driver).quit(); // quits the session created between the client and the server

so what you could possibly try and do is :

((AppiumDriver)driver).resetApp(); // Reset the currently running app for this session

OR try a combination of these two :

((AppiumDriver)driver).removeApp(<package name>); // Remove the specified app from the device (uninstall)
((AppiumDriver)driver).installApp(<path to apk>); // Install an app on the mobile device
  • Thanks, but I do not want to remove the app, because the login information is going to be lost. I want to be able to see if I'm still logged in the app, even when I close and reopen it. Does resetApp() really close and reopen the app? – Chechy Thehost May 12 '16 at 8:42
  • @ChechyThehost : In that case you shall be using the resetApp option to close and open the app I believe. – Naman May 12 '16 at 8:56
  • With quit() it just keeps running on the background and I have to close it manually. Resetting the application leads to losing the login information. I want to remove it from the apps runing on the background, but don't really want to reset it. – Chechy Thehost May 12 '16 at 9:36
  • @ChechyThehost : quit disposes the session between your device and appium server and nothing on the application end to remove it from background. Did resetApp() not resolve your concern? – Naman May 12 '16 at 10:09
  • @ChechyThehost If this helped, do accept it as an answer to help the future readers. – Naman Sep 16 '17 at 2:37

I would suggest :


To close the app sesssion use the following command:


If you have the apk installation as part of the script, you can use inbuilt appium capabiltiy which closes and removes the app. And when you trigger the script again it checks whether it exists in device and if not will install it,

capabilities.setCapability("fullReset", true);
  1. Set your capabilities

    cap.setCapability("fullReset", false);
    cap.setCapability("noReset", true);
  2. Logic

    Boolean b = driver.isAppInstalled("here put your app's bundle ID");
    if (b == true) {
    } else {

Maybe you need to maneuver the code a bit as per your requirements.


None of the above worked for me in Python, so I just adb shelled on to the device to reset the app cache. This removes the app from recent processes and stops it running in the background.

os.system('adb shell "pm clear ' + desired_caps1["appPackage"] + '"')

desired_caps1 is the desired capabilites within my external JSON file, and obviously "appPackage" is just the package name for the app, for eg: com.example.id


also you can try a manual way like this,

//This code will press your android device's recent button :


//and click to the close button of you application:

$driver.findElement(By.id("id of the element to close app")).click();

I hope it helps


For nativescript-dev-appium
version 6.1.0 release,
driver.closeApp() and driver.launchApp() are combined, use:

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