I need to rsync some directories from one machine to another, but only part of the tree. I think the easiest way to explain it would be to run, on the server, tree -f (which prints the full path of each file) and then grep'ing mon in the full path and rsynch'ing only the matches of grep. Actually I would be happy to do it that way, but I don't have shell access to the server, only rsync. Two step solution based on greping output of rsync --list-only is totally acceptable.

It's actually simpler, because I also know that this mon appears only as a suffix to a directory (the hierarchy is pretty rigid), so I tried doing

rsync --dry-run -vrlpt --include='*/' --include='**/*mon/' --exclude='*' --prune-empty-dirs

but that did not match anything. Ditto for --include='*mon/' instead of the one with the double asterisk. Avoiding the --prune-empty-dirs matched all the directories but no files, which I think is my problem. So I tried to add an include pattern for some file extensions right before the exclude pattern (which I would rather not do because I don't want to track them all and they might change), but that simply matched all those files, including the ones not in the "mon" trees.

And yes, I did see this and this and this and countless others, which helped me making some progress (i.e. what you can see above), but not solve the problem...


Something like the following does the job (i.e. the problem was the matching of whatever is after mon) in the second include:

rsync -arvm --include='*/' --include='*mon/***' --exclude='*' /path/to/source /path/to/dest

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