I have a list of items (Brand + productModel) in a mysql table, and I have a list of Brands in another table.



|id| name             | brand_id  |
| 1| Apple Mac 15     |           
| 2| Dell Laptop NXY  | 
| 3| HP Tablet 15     |
| 4| Apple Laptop AA  | 
| 5| Dell Tablet VV   | 
| 6| HP Desktop  XYZ  |


|id| name  | 
| 1| Apple | 
| 2| Dell  | 
| 3| HP    |

I inherited the table_items from a previous project so I need to detect the brand name in table_items,if the brand is present, then add the brand id to the item column brand_id (currently empty)

so the ideal output would be

|id| name             | brand_id  |
| 1| Apple Mac 15     | 1   
| 2| Dell Laptop NXY  | 2
| 3| Dell Tablet 15   | 2
| 4| Apple Laptop AA  | 1
| 5| HP Tablet VV     | 3
| 6| HP Desktop  XYZ  | 3

so I don't know if I should use PHP or can be done in MySQL directly... and if PHP how to I detect the matching strings?

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    Yes, It can be done directly in mysql. – DD77 May 13 '16 at 5:51

You can join both table using like and update as needed.

UPDATE `table_items` TI 
INNER JOIN table_brands TB 
    ON TI.name LIKE CONCAT(TB.name, '%')
SET TI.brand_id = TB.id

Note: INNER JOIN will only update those fields which are matched.


you can use the query in mysql like


It is much better for you to handle within Database if you can come up with correct query.

You may try the following query:

SELECT ti.id, ti.name, tb.id as brand_id
FROM table_items ti LEFT JOIN table_brands tb ON ti.name LIKE CONCAT(tb.name, '%');

I find what you want to do is similar to search and it's best with MySQL.

Following query to get all similar item with your wildcard.

 SELECT * FROM brand_table WHERE name LIKE "Apple%"

All names beginning with apples will appear. I hope you catch the drift here


This query will do the job.

UPDATE table_items
       JOIN table_brands
       ON  table_items.name LIKE CONCAT('%', table_brands.name ,'%')
SET    table_items.brand_id = table_brands.id;

Here is the simplest query without to dive into joins:

UPDATE table_items SET brand_id = (SELECT id FROM table_brands WHERE `Name` = SUBSTRING_INDEX(table_items.name,' ',1))

The simplest way to do it it's to use SQL directly.

The simplest query that do the job is:

UPDATE table_items
    SET brand_id = (SELECT id FROM table_brands
                    WHERE table_items.name LIKE CONCAT(name,'%'))

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