I have successfully deployed a WSO2 API Manager. I am already using mediation flows for setting Header information, but now I am adding an API that requires a key to be set as an URL parameter. However I would like this to be added in the background so that the end-users don't have to worry about this key.

How can this be done in a Message Mediation Policy/Flow? Obviously the other parameters that are already present should stay untouched.

Thanks in advance


Hope you can access the key inside the synapse context. Then you can assign the key value to the uri.var object as below.

<property name="uri.var.key" expression="get-property('userParames.key')"/>

Now you can simply construct the endpoint as,

   <http uri-template="https://{uri.var.hostname}:{uri.var.portnum}/abc/{uri.var.key}"/>
  • But how can I make sure that the existing URL parameters don't get affected? – Bram Vandewalle May 18 '16 at 7:25
  • Since we are adding new variable as key to the url.var object the existing URL parameters won't be affected. You can verify it by testing. – Sajith Abeywardhana May 18 '16 at 9:29

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