cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview seems to be broken out-of-the-box. Tested with cordova 5.1.1 and 6.1.1 on OSX.

Solutions from Crosswalk Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':_armv7DebugCompile' and Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':_armv7DebugCompile' did not work out.

Download https://download.01.org/crosswalk/releases/crosswalk/android/maven2/org/xwalk/xwalk_core_library_beta/18.48.477.13/xwalk_core_library_beta-18.48.477.13.pom
FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
* What went wrong:
A problem occurred configuring root project 'android'.
> Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':_armv7DebugCompile'.
   > Could not resolve org.xwalk:xwalk_core_library_beta:18+.
     Required by:
      > Failed to move file '/private/var/folders/jr/3q77kjzd3yqfw_cllng_7c8c0000gn/T/gradle_download7281456311478481267bin'
  • I checked e.g. the following: Android Support Repository andGoogle Repositoryand evenLocal Maven repository for Support` are installed
  • Not working with cordova 5.1.? and 6.1.1 and various versions of crosswalk
  • PATH and ANDROID_HOME are set

What do I miss?


I see that you use default crosswalk version, so no need install in local. It's available in https://download.01.org/crosswalk/releases/crosswalk/android/maven2/org/xwalk/xwalk_core_library_beta/18.48.477.13/.

From the log, it seems that 18.48.477.13 version is not found via network. It may be proxy issue, such as JAVA_OPTS, Gradle, Maven. You can check for whether need them.

Or you can share your steps, let me have a try, the build steps for cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview work well on my OSX.

  • It was not a download problem, it was the local filesystem permissions. Please see the solution to this thread. – palinka May 18 '16 at 10:11

We found the problem and the solution.

For some reason the following folders / file were owned by root, not my user such that building xwalk was prevented systemwide because of missing permissions.

Simply move the following to somewhere (delete also works) with sudo:


We got additional debug output by compling with

gradle cdvBuildDebug -P android.useDeprecatedNdk=true --debug

in platforms/android.

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