DOTween.Kill api return number of actual tweens killed. but use this api can't kill transform's sequence tweens.

DOTween.Kill (this); or DOTween.Kill (transform); or DOTween.Rewind api all can't kill it.


That's because you're trying to use the DoTween class itself. Rather, you should be using a reference to the sequence to kill it.

Code below

Sequence mySequence = DOTween.Sequence();

//Your code here  
mySequence.Append(transform.DoMove(Vector3.right, 1).SetLoops(2, LoopType.Yoyo))  
.Append(transform.DoMove(Vector3.up, 1).SetLoops(2, LoopType.Yoyo))  
.OnComplete(() => {  

mySequence.Kill(); //Kill the sequence.

In my case sequence.Kill() does not work, so I tried Dotween.Kill(object targetOrId), it worked, maybe you can have a try.

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