When creating view in MySQL I can't see rows with NULL values in created view.

Here we can see table mail_prijava enter image description here

and table status

enter image description here

So, I wanted to create VIEW from table mail_prijava and table status using SQL code below

mail_prijava.naselje AS naselje,
mail_prijava.ulica AS ulica,
mail_prijava.email AS email,
mail_prijava.napomena AS napomena,
IFNULL(status.opis AS "test") AS status
DATE_FORMAT(datum_unosa, "%d.%m.%Y.") AS datum_servisa,
FROM mail_prijava
INNER JOIN status ON status.id = mail_prijava.status_id

When using code above I get this table: enter image description here

Problem is that row with null value from table mail_prijava is not showing and I'm wondering why is that and is it possible to show rows with NULL in created view.

Thank you

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To get all rows, including those that don't have any matches in the status table you need to use a left join instead of the inner join.

Change this:

INNER JOIN status ON status.id = mail_prijava.status_id

To this:

LEFT JOIN status ON status.id = mail_prijava.status_id

Also, your IFNULL line looks odd, you probably want:

IFNULL(status.opis, "test") AS status -- this will show "test" as status if it's null
  • Awesome, works like charm :) – Svinjica May 14 '16 at 15:44

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