How to get length of list, when I try to println it I just got result = 1, even a value in it list is many.

This is my code:

for(int i=0;i<lisPpob.size(); i++){
  // first code
  System.out.println("param 1 = "+ lisPpob.get(i).getLBRAP2T());

  //secount code
  List<String> lis= Arrays.asList(lisPpob.get(i).getLBRAP2T());
  System.out.println("length = " + lis.size());

in first code I get :

param 1 = 986, 5785, 57, 675, 57

in the second code I get :

length = 1
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    Perhaps it has one element with the value of "986, 5765, 57, 675, 57". – Gendarme May 14 '16 at 18:10
  • You probably want List<String> lis= Arrays.asList(lisPpob.get(i).getLBRAP2T().split(", "));. – Bhesh Gurung May 14 '16 at 18:14
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You seem to have a string that you need to split..

System.out.println("length = "+ lisPpob.get(i).getLBRAP2T().split(", ").length);

If the output of the first print statement is

param 1 = 986, 5785, 57, 675, 57

then it means that the return type of getLBRAP2T() is a single String, not a Collection/List/Set (would have printed []) or a an array (would have printed xxxx@hhhh). (Could also be some object with a toString() implementation. You could of course confirm by telling us what the type is.)

So, when you call Arrays.asList(string), you are creating a list of one element: The string. That is because you are only passing a single parameter to asList() and that parameter is not a non-primitive array.

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