I want to send an email with an attachement so therefore I need the absolute path to the pdf file.

I tried the flowing code in the controller:

$this->get('templating.helper.assets')->getUrl('MyDoc.pdf', 'doc');

But this returns:


This is the path without the domain for web access. But I need the real path starting the root of the disk, like example below. How is this possible? Thanks.


$this->get('templating.helper.assets') asset helper is about HTTP URI, not directory path. However, you can easily get the right absolute directory web path like this:

$appPath = $this->container->getParameter('kernel.root_dir');
$webPath = realpath($appPath . '/../web');

$webPath should return something like this:


A bit of a cheat sheet for anyone else looking for different URL/URI paths for different applications.

Using the Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request component, there are lots of different ways you can call upon this.

Consider this link http://dev.col.com/app_dev.php/my-route?bar=1&foo=bar

$r = $this->getRequest();
$r->getScriptName()                 /app_dev.php
$r->getPathInfo()                   /my-route
$r->getBasePath()                   ''
$r->getBaseUrl()                    /app_dev.php
$r->getScheme()                     http
$r->getPort()                       80
$r->getHttpHost()                   dev.col.com
$r->getRequestUri()                 /app_dev.php/my-route?bar=1&foo=bar
$r->getBaseServerUrl()              http://dev.col.com
$r->getUri()                        http://dev.col.com/app_dev.php/my-route?bar=1&foo=bar
$r->getUriForPath("/other-path")    http://dev.col.com/app_dev.php/other-path
$r->getQueryString()                bar=1&foo=bar
$r->isSecure()                      false
$r->getHost()                       dev.col.com
$r->getMethod()                     GET
$r->isXmlHttpRequest()              false

Or you can do it in Twig as well. For example:

    <a href="{{ job.url }}">
        <img src="{{ app.request.scheme ~ '://' ~ app.request.host }}{{ asset(job.webPath) }}" alt="{{ job.company }} logo" />

    <a href="{{ job.url }}">
        <img src="{{ app.baseServerUrl }}{{ asset(job.webPath) }}"alt="{{ job.company }} logo" />
use Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder;

$finder = new Finder();

foreach ($finder as $file) {
    // Dump the absolute path

From Docs: http://symfony.com/doc/current/components/finder.html

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