I am pure Javascript developer (angularjs & nodejs) & having no knowledge on android or ios app. I have followed tutorial of nativescipt and was creating an app in nativescipt(angular) with help of following link: Wiring up Google Maps Nativescript plugin with Angular 2
but after running : tns plugin add nativescript-google-maps-sdk and on running command tns run android there is an exception

    D:\ts\app\sample-Groceries>tns run android
    Executing before-prepare hook from D:\ts\app\sample-Groceries\hooks\before-prepare\nativescript-dev-typescript.js
    Found peer TypeScript 1.8.10
    Project successfully prepared
    WARNING: The file: D:\ts\app\sample-Groceries\node_modules\nativescript-google-maps-sdk\platforms\android\AndroidManifest.xml is depricated, you can read more about what will be the expected plugin structure here: https://www.nativescript.org/blog/migrating-n-android-plugins-from-version-1.7-to-2.0
    WARNING: The file: D:\ts\app\sample-Groceries\node_modules\nativescript-google-maps-sdk\platforms\android\res\values\nativescript_google_maps_api.xml is depricated, you can read more about what will be the expected plugin structure here: https://www.nativescript.org/blog/migrating-n-android-plugins-from-version-1.7-to-2.0

    :config phase:  createDefaultIncludeFiles
            +found plugins: nativescript-google-maps-sdk
                  "F0" {
                    dimension "nativescriptgooglemapssdk"
    }Renaming plugin directory to flavor name: D:\ts\app\sample-Groceries\platforms\android\src\nativescript-google-maps-sdk
-> D:\ts\app\sample-Groceries\platforms\android\src\F0
            +found plugins: tns-core-modules-widgets
                  "F1" {
                    dimension "tnscoremoduleswidgets"
                } }Renaming plugin directory to flavor name: D:\ts\app\sample-Groceries\platforms\android\src\tns-core-modules-widgets

    :config phase:  createPluginsConfigFile
             Creating product flavors include.gradle file in D:\ts\app\sample-Groceries\platforms\android/configurations folder...

    :config phase:  pluginExtend
            +applying configuration from: D:\ts\app\sample-Groceries\platforms\android\configurations\include.gradle
            +applying configuration from: D:\ts\app\sample-Groceries\platforms\android\configurations\nativescript-google-maps-sdk\include.gradle
            +applying configuration from: D:\ts\app\sample-Groceries\platforms\android\configurations\tns-core-modules-widgets\include.gradle

    :config phase:  copyAarDependencies

    :config phase:  addAarDependencies
            +adding dependency: D:\ts\app\sample-Groceries\platforms\android\libs\aar\widgets-release.aar

    FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

I have visited page https://www.nativescript.org/blog/migrating-n-android-plugins-from-version-1.7-to-2.0 but didn't get any info to resolve this exception.


Possible solution could be to to try removing android platform with tns platform remove android and to add it again with tns platform add android.

About nativescript-google-maps-sdk plugin. I have created sample project from scratch using this plugin. You could review it here: NativeScript-Angular-GoogleMaps. The most important part is to add in

NativeScript-Angular-GoogleMaps/app/App_Resources/Android/values/nativescript_google_maps_api.xml this code snippet

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <string name="nativescript_google_maps_api_key">API_KEY</string>

and to add in the end of the file node_modules/nativescript-angular/element-registry.js

this line

registerElement("mapView", function () { return require("nativescript-google-maps-sdk").MapView; });

This line will help NativeScript to found MapView element.

  • thanks for awesome sample project . but as suggested I have remove android platform and add it again , Now exception change into this: Could not find any matches for com.google.android.gms:play-services-maps:+ as no versions of com.google.android.gms:play-services-maps are available. I am using VSCode and Genymotion emulator – durgesh rao May 16 '16 at 19:46
  • 1
    By default Genymotion do not have google play service. There are two options to solve this problem: to follow those:How to install Google Play Services on Genymotion steps and to config google play service on your emulator, or to deploy your app on real device. – Nikolay Tsonev May 17 '16 at 5:56
  • 1
    It is sufficient to add the line registerElement... to the file main.ts. Changing a file in node_modules is not a good idea because you would have to redo the changes if you re-install the modules. – Leukipp Apr 25 '17 at 9:08

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