I am using atom, and I've tried several different jshint packages and they all give a warning which says

"template literal syntax' is only available in ES6 (use 'esversion: 6')"

I created a top level .jshintrc file (at root), and added the following json:


However, it is still throwing the same error. Any ideas how to resolve. I've included the link to the JSHint options page. I'd like to start playing around with ES6 syntax, but would prefer not to have extra warnings.

Thanks SO community!

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    If you're starting fresh, the best option would probably be to use ESLint FYI. – loganfsmyth May 16 '16 at 5:54
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    Which jsHint packages have you tried already? There are quite a few of them. I second @loganfsmyth's comments about using ESLint. – Richard Slater May 16 '16 at 18:05
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    Simply restarting Atom seems to work. – claviska Nov 15 '16 at 18:31

The filename should be .jshintrc, and the content is

  "esversion": 6
  • But like lvnam96 said below: You need to set the filetype to JSON, the filename to .jshintrc. Then close and reopen your JS file. – Antonio Pavicevac-Ortiz Jul 28 '17 at 16:04

Instead of creating .jshintrc file, you can simply add at the top of your js file:

/*jshint esversion: 6 */ 
  • Applied in 2018, still works fine. – Callat Mar 15 '18 at 16:25
  • Perfect! Thank you. Simple and fast. You're the man! May 2018 – Gregory Smitherman May 25 '18 at 22:16

We have two choices.

1. Using .jshintrc file.

Create .jshintrc file in root directory and type as below. It applies to all codes

    "esversion": 6

If you're still getting warning, close and re-open your editor.

2. Using hint.

Type as below at the top of the your code. It applies to just the code.

/* jshint esversion: 6 */

Remember to close then reopen your JS file / text editor.

  • How do I set a filetype to JSON? – Shimon Brandsdorfer Aug 2 '17 at 16:14
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    @ShimonBrandsdorfer It depends on the code editor you are using. There are 2 ways in SublimeText 3: 1. Save the file to *.json 2. Select file's type in the bottom right corner (on status bar): there's a button, select JavaScript -> JSON. If there's no status bar at the bottom of the screen, go View -> Show Status Bar. – lvnam96 Aug 9 '17 at 3:19
  • @lvnam96 I believe this is wrong. File is not supposed to be named .jshintrc.json The options you mention are just for syntax highlighting. – Magne Aug 8 '18 at 20:06
  • @Magne Yes, my comment is out of this question's scope because I answered it too late. The main thing is the thread owner updated his question aand I didn't notice his answer too. The accepted answer missed only one thing: reopen the JS file or restart the text editor. I just want to make the solution more clearly ;) I updated my answer for later coming people. – lvnam96 Aug 16 '18 at 13:11

Using the atom packages linter and linter-jshint, I got it to work by uninstalling and then reinstalling the packages and then restarting atom. I did download ESLint and installed it per people's suggestions, looking forward to testing it out.


Has to be the first entry of the jshintrc file. Doesn't make much sense but that's what fixed it for me.

"esversion": 6,
"browser": true,
"globals": {... }

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