I got a message

Method 'StartingOffset' not supported by automation object.

Here is a small part of my code:

colLogicalDisks := objWMIService.ExecQuery('ASSOCIATORS OF {Win32_DiskPartition.DeviceID="'+VarToStr(objPartition.DeviceID)+'"} WHERE AssocClass = Win32_LogicalDiskToPartition');
oEnumLogical  := IUnknown(colLogicalDisks._NewEnum) as IEnumVariant;
    while oEnumLogical.Next(1, objLogicalDisk, iValue) = 0 do
        driveletter := string(objLogicalDisk.DeviceID);

        if driveletter = ExtractFileDrive(GetCurrentDir) then
            SetLength(result, 6);
            result[0] := string(objdiskDrive.DeviceID);
            result[1] := string(objdiskDrive.Model);
            result[2] := string(objdiskDrive.MediaType);
            result[3] := string(ConvertBytes(objdiskDrive.Size));
            result[4] := string(objLogicalDisk.Description);
            result[5] := string(ConvertBytes(objLogicalDisk.Size));

Source code from here


Your code fails because the objLogicalDisk variable holds an instance to the Win32_LogicalDisk WMI class and you need access to the Win32_DiskPartition class. Also your sample code is not complete but it seems which your are using the code posted here. If that is the case you can access to the StartingOffset property via the objPartition variable (objPartition.StartingOffset)

  • Thank you, I got it working now :) – nguyentu May 17 '16 at 22:24
  • No results for System Reserved partition... – nguyentu May 18 '16 at 0:26

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