How can I swipe/flip/slide tab control with gesture, like in flipboard or lumi app ?

I think I can start from the example here, but I don't know how to handle it with gestures.


edit : I'm looking for Delphi/firemonkey solutions.

update1 :

I'm thinking about following scenario :

first take screenshot of 2 tabs/controls I want to flip/slide. then use SwipeTransitionEffect on that 2 images combining with gesture .. after completion hide the image, show the tabs. just a thought. I don't know yet how to implement this.

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Use Viewpage with TabLayout. Setup ViewPager with the Views / Fragments you need to swipe between. Then attach a TabLayout to the ViewPager. This setup comes with swipe gesture response built in.

A tutorial Link : https://guides.codepath.com/android/google-play-style-tabs-using-tablayout


Try out this


This is really gonna help you out.


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