I have a question about the Picker component in Codename One. How can I intercept the "Cancel" and "OK" actions belonging to the native IOS picker component? In my UI specifications, I need to differentiate this two events since that the "OK" button validates the form, and the "Cancel" button closes the form. thank you for your help.

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You can't as some OS's don't have them. This is specific for Android.

Generally if the picker value changes revalidate if it didn't change don't.

The underlying Display picker API includes this to some degree as it will return null for canceled operations.

I believe you could subclass it and override the showDialog method. Dialogs usually return a boolean value, so you could store that in a local variable and then when the dialog is disposed take whatever action is needed.

  • Thanks for the information but it seems that Dialog is not used in the case of nativePicker. Any other ideas would be welcome ;) – Philippe DE LUCA May 17 '16 at 22:24

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