I've been trying to use FireFox as a simple window for a webpage that I will not be leaving, so I don't need the address-bar or close buttons, but I would like to keep my task bar visible (i.e. I do not want to simply go full screen). The gists of what I am trying to achieve is a "full window mode". Is there an add on that allows this? Preferably, I'd like an add on that can easily be turned on and off.

To elaborate, I may have the window only be half of the screen, so a full screen mode that leaves the task bar visible would not be sufficient.


You can come close to this with some simple JavaScript, just a bookmarklet, which will open the currently viewed URL in a window with most of the info/action bars hidden:


You can get close to maximized with specifying appropriate numbers for outerWidth=1000,outerHeight=650,top=0,left=250 which match your screen size, but you will not get quite what you can do when maximized.

You can then maximize the window. Which gives you:
maximized window, JavaScript

Window.open requires chrome privileges in order to hide the titlebar and locationbar which means an add-on must do it. You can then use add-ons to get the rest of the way.

Using the Hide Caption Titlebar Plus add-on (with appropriate options selected) will get you to a maximized window of:
maximized window, Hide Caption Titlebar Plus

And with the addition of the add-on Hide Navigation Bar, maximized and hitting the default F2 to hide the locationbar you get:
maximized window, Hide Navigation Bar

You also asked that it provide removal of the various action/status/tool bars when not maximized. These add-ons will do so.

Easily turning them on and off:
Hide Navigation Bar only hides the location bar if you hit F2. Hide Caption Titlebar Plus is a restartless add-on and thus can be enabled/disabled at will from about:addons (Ctrl+Shift+A). It can also be set to mostly affect only maximized windows, so may not be something you need to enable/disable on a regular basis.

Personally, if this was something I wanted, I would set up a separate Firefox profile which has these add-ons and the home page as the one I wanted displayed. I would then set up a shortcut that automatically opens that page and shows what I want. You may need to use something like the add-on Session Manager to automatically restore the maximized window, but the default functionality in Firefox may be sufficient. In order to have a shortcut that brings up another Firefox profile automatically, you will need to set the Target to something like:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -no-remote -P "your profile name"

This would allow you to bring up the page you wanted with a single click and not have the configuration disturb your normal use of Firefox. It would also be something that you would not need to mess around with enabling/disabling on a regular basis.

Many ways to do this:
There are, probably, many different combinations of add-ons which will get you to a similar look. There is, perhaps, even a single one which will do so. You should do some research on your own to find a combination that works for you. For the profile I was initially using to test, I did not need the Hide Navigation Bar add-on to hide the locationbar as that functionality was covered in a different add-on. However, if starting with a stock profile these two add-ons will get you to where it sounds like you want to be.

Taskbar is visible:
For all of the above images: If I had taken a shot of my entire desktop, you would see that that the Windows Taskbar is still visible (the Firefox window is just maximized, not full-screen). The above images are not full-screen for privacy reasons. I do not desire to share the windows I have open and my taskbar configuration. If I have the time later, I will re-take the window shots as full-screen shots after a clean re-boot.

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  • Thanks for the detailed answer! I can tell you've researched this thoroughly :) – user3645275 May 18 '16 at 11:20

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